Championing the consumer’s cause

In a market dominated by multinational brands Ditra may not be the biggest in the region, but we are certainly the most on the ball. Our size, independence and regional focus allow us to fully understand our partners and their customers, providing you with the more personal and insightful service

We are independent, which enables us to move, change and adapt much quicker to what the market needs. Ditra home and personal care products are available across GCC

Our agile production process is supported by excellent customer service and simplified supply chain, managing the distribution of all our brands

What sets us apart?


No one knows the market like we do and today it is the consumer that drives our production departments. Adaptable and innovative, we pride ourselves on quickly discovering and delivering what they are really looking for. Spotting gaps in the market and being more sensitive to changing trends, we continuously challenge the status quo to give our partners fresher alternatives

We put the consumer and
          our partners first and really
                understand what they need
                       and persevere to deliver
                             excellent customer service

We have the drive to
champion the consumer’s
cause, offering good quality
products that meet their specific needs and the price they can afford

DITRA is the distributor of it’s own
home and personal care products in UAE